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Re: Corrupt index files

I got some results like this (not sure if objectClass was the search
criterion) using the ldbm backend with GDBM.  I think one record was
being returned four times.  Since updating to BDB (still using the ldbm
backend) I have not seen this.  FWIW I have
index	objectclass	pres,eq
I don't know whether that will help you.
It looks a bit like the bdb backend is doing an indexed search followed
by a non-indexed search.  Do you get these problems if you use the ldbm
backend in 2.0.25 with BDB?  The ldbm giant update lock was implemented
in 2.0.22 or so, so it shouldn't have problems with multiple-writer

Darren Gamble wrote:
> Good day,
> > Just a recommendation someone made on this list.  BTW the
> > "db3x" package
> > in Red Hat 7.3 provides DB 3.1.17 and 3.2.9 libraries to satisfy those
> > dependencies you're concerned about.  You'll have to install it at the
> > same time as the new db3 packages.  It will automatically
> > remove the Red
> > Hat 7.2 "db31" package.
> > John
> Ok, I've done all of that.  Thanks for your help.
> However, I now have another problem.  At least this one is 100%
> reproducible.
> I NOW have the problem described in ITS#1969, which renders my directory
> unusable.
> (http://www.openldap.org/its/index.cgi/Software%20Bugs?id=1969;selectid=1969
> ;statetype=-1 ).
> This always happens after slapadd/slapindex when I recreate my directory.
> Querying using the objectclass index, which nearly all of my queries do,
> often returns multiple results.  I can start deleting indexes and remaking
> them with slapindex, which seems to help, but I'm guessing this problem will
> just continue when entries are modified.
> I also tried 2.0.25, and get exactly the same problem.  I also tried the
> .spec file from Red Hat's 2.0.25 RPM.
> The bug suggests that this has been fixed in 2.1.X, but from what I have
> heard on the list I am going to encounter a lot more problems and
> incompatibilities with my existing programs.
> John, did you encounter this problem?  Or, do none of your queries query on
> objectclass?
> This is incredibly frustrating.  I just want a directory server that works!
> :(
> Are there any other suggestions for my problem?
> Thanks in advance,
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