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RE: Corrupt index files

Good day,

> Just a recommendation someone made on this list.  BTW the 
> "db3x" package
> in Red Hat 7.3 provides DB 3.1.17 and 3.2.9 libraries to satisfy those
> dependencies you're concerned about.  You'll have to install it at the
> same time as the new db3 packages.  It will automatically 
> remove the Red
> Hat 7.2 "db31" package.
> John

Ok, I've done all of that.  Thanks for your help.

However, I now have another problem.  At least this one is 100%

I NOW have the problem described in ITS#1969, which renders my directory

;statetype=-1 ).

This always happens after slapadd/slapindex when I recreate my directory.

Querying using the objectclass index, which nearly all of my queries do,
often returns multiple results.  I can start deleting indexes and remaking
them with slapindex, which seems to help, but I'm guessing this problem will
just continue when entries are modified.

I also tried 2.0.25, and get exactly the same problem.  I also tried the
.spec file from Red Hat's 2.0.25 RPM.

The bug suggests that this has been fixed in 2.1.X, but from what I have
heard on the list I am going to encounter a lot more problems and
incompatibilities with my existing programs.

John, did you encounter this problem?  Or, do none of your queries query on

This is incredibly frustrating.  I just want a directory server that works!

Are there any other suggestions for my problem?

Thanks in advance,

Darren Gamble
Planner, Regional Services
Shaw Cablesystems GP
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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