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Re: __eprintf

I ran into this problem as well.

from the configure script...

    # gcc --version < 3.0 without binutils cannot create self contained
    # shared libraries reliably, requiring libgcc.a to resolve some of
    # the object symbols generated in some cases.  Libraries that use
    # assert need libgcc.a to resolve __eprintf, for example.  Linking
    # a copy of libgcc.a into every shared library to guarantee resolving
    # such symbols causes other problems:  According to Tim Van Holder
    # <tim.van.holder@pandora.be>, C++ libraries end up with a separate
    # (to the application) exception stack for one thing.

Tarassov Vadim wrote:
Hallo everybody,

I am trying to build nss_ldap on solaris 2.6 using forte 6 update 1. nss_ldap configure fails because symbol __eprintf could not be found, libldap.so requires it. Oddly, slapd itself works fine ...

Does anyone knows what is the problem?

Regards, Vadim Tarassov.