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RE: Corrupt index files

Good day,

> That was probably me.  I installed Berkeley DB 3.3.11 (now in Red Hat
> 7.3) and rebuilt the source RPM for openldap-2.0.21 after removing the
> "--with-ldap-api=gdbm" configure directive.

Well, I managed to do the same on a Red Hat 7.3 machine, although I had to
modify the .spec file a bit differently to get slapindex to work (I changed
the "backend" option).  So far, the problem hasn't come up again.

However, installing DB 3.3.11 on our Red Hat 7.2 machines would break a lot
of dependencies.  3.2.9 is what's on there right now.  Was there any
particular reason you used 3.3.X over 3.2.X?


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