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I have a few questions regarding containment rules that are defined by the schema in OpenLDAP.  First I noticed that there are not any containment rules (since everything in LDAP can be a container, I am not surprised).  Is there a way to define any type of objectclass containment in the OpenLDAP schema?

My application relies (heavily) on containment rules being defined in the schema.  I am currently using Novell eDirectory and Micro$oft Active Directory and they have a mechanism to define containment rules in the schema.  As an example, I define two object classes: CONFIGURATION and APPLICATION.  My containment rules say that an APPLICATION can only be created under a CONFIGURATION.  If you create and APPLICATION under an OU, for instance, my application will never find that object because it won't look for it under an OU.  Is there another solution to this problem if I can't define containment rules in the schema?

Finally, I look at containment on "built in" object classes to determine how things should be organized in the directory.  Is there a way to do this with OpenLDAP or am I stuck with hard coding containment in my application for "core" object classes?

Thanks for any help.