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Re: faster perl querries in LDAP

If you're up to the testing I've got a modified PerLDAP module I've been optimizing for openldap API. So I could use stuff like ldap_initialize, sasl, etc. from PERL. http://ldapperl.sf.net/ . The functions are all just wrappers around the OpenLDAP API, so the speed should be about the same as OpenLDAP C API, I doubt the overhead of switching to the C library is significant.

It's a work in progress because I haven't added all the OpenLDAP specific API yet, and it could use a bit of testing, Makefile file needs to be rewritten. I use it exclusively for my perl programming so it's not too bad.

On a side note, it's strange that we don't have a standard XS wrapper library for PERL. PerLDAP is nice, but it doesn't provide all the features of OpenLDAP library, I'm not sure if it even builds against OpenLDAP anymore(?).

I know its taboo to suggest, but maybe the XS wrapper module will be faster than, the all perl, perl-LDAP ( http://perl-ldap.sf.net )?


Theodore Knab wrote:
Does anyone know how to make perl querries go faster ?

I have written many perl scripts that take about .5 seconds per entry to

This is too much time when you have over 3000 entries.