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Re: How can I stop multiple slapd?

Why can not kill them on linux by 
	kill -INT pid
	kill -TERM pid
But it was OK on Solaris?

>On RH 7.3 there is the pkill command which is relatively useful, then
>there is 
>the rude way of doing things with a kill -9 :-) Solaris also prolly has
>Yep just verified it on the CS network on campus. HTH.

>>ZhangPu wrote:
>> Hello everyone.
>> We tested the OpenLDAP 2.1.3 on Linux and Solaris. We experimented to start multiple
>> slapd at one port(389) successfully, but they could not be killed by any
>> kill commands on linux, but was killed on Solaris correctly.
>> What's the reason?
>> Give me some advice please.
>> Best regards.
>> P.Zhang
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