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RE: SASL and SSL interactions

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> Hi all,
> This is more a matter of PROTOCOL than software...
> I don't understand the interactions betwenn SASL and SSL.
> Suppose I want to connect above SSL.
> Which combination should I use, or does it just have NO
> importance ?
>     LDAP's SIMPLE auth method on 636 ?

This is fine, if you mean that there is an LDAPS listener on port 636.
>     SASL + SASL EXTERNAL on 389 or 636 ??

This works if you have a valid client certificate, issued by the same CA
that issued the server's certificate. It will only work on a plain LDAP port
if you use the StartTLS request first. It will work on port 636 if that port
has an LDAPS listener.
>     SASL + SASL SIMPLE method ??

Generally SASL PLAIN is not supposed to be used with LDAP. Use LDAP simple
instead. SASL PLAIN is turned off by default in slapd.
> Same question about TLS !

Same answers as SSL.

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