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Re: LDAP Server causing panic *New Question*

tor, 2002-08-01 kl. 20:29 skrev Ian Ball:

> I for one almost never install from rpm's.  Where ever possible, I compile
> from source.  That way, what is set up fits the system as good as possible.

Seconded. Especially where you're trying to link together new stuff,
including new libraries and such. Obviously you can't, wouldn't wish to,
compile everything - or you'd have made a new distro, but as much of
integrated new stuff as possible. For me that meant many rpm library
updates and gcc 3.0.4.

I'm Red Hat 7.2, but much new. For Openldap I compiled Berkeley 4,
Openldap 2.1.3 and the PADL pam_ldap and nss_ldap stuff, as well as
Cyrus SASL. I used the older RH updated Openssl stuff that I had, even
though CERT's just produced the chopper on that too.

Without having done all the Openldap component compiles, I'm absolutely
cetain that it wouldn't have worked properly -  it's been bad enough as
it is.

Now everything works perfectly up to date, including surrogate mail
domains, ldap smtp mail aliases etc.




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