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Re: LDAP Server causing panic *New Question*

Hmmm, given that mod_ssl is in the rpm's, this could be a source of your
problem.  Look at the date of the /lib/libssl.so.2, and particularly when it
was put on your system (rpm usually preserves the creation date, so the date
on the file is not necessarily the date it was actually put on your system).
In this case, you will either need to go back to backups to see if that
works, or you will have to compile ssl from source yourself.


> Thats what I dont get, shouldnt the error...
> [dlerror: /lib/libssl.so.2: undefined symbol: OpenSSLDie]
> ... be present on an 'ldd'?  I should see something...

No, ldd will only show the dependencies of the library it is examining.  The
reason you get the undefined symbol error is because a program that has been
compiled is expectiing to find this symbol in the library you have because
the when the program was compiled, the symbol was there and got used.

> By the way, these are non-fatal errors.  Users are still able to ssh in.
> openldap was compiled from source.  Everything was working fine until last
> night.  The only 2 things I did was do a "rpm -Fvh *" on the 7.3-updates
> from updates.redhat.com and tweak my pam.d config files (changing the
> order of pam_ldap.so/pam_unix.so).  Needless to say I reverted back to my
> old sshd files in pam.d.

... which strengthens my suspicions that something on your system got
changed.  Tweaking the pam files will likely not have changed much, and is
certainly not responsible for the errors you are seeing now.

I for one almost never install from rpm's.  Where ever possible, I compile
from source.  That way, what is set up fits the system as good as possible.