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Re: LDAP Server causing panic *New Question* [Fixed]

On Thursday 01 August 2002 20:48, Caylan Van Larson wrote:
> I did not use the ".a" files at all.

Which should be ok.  .a files, at least afaik, are only ar archive files and 
not needed by the system.

> Please note that there is still an rpm of libssl installed in /usr/share.
> I do not know if it is safe to uninstall it, or unsafe to leave it
> (because of the vulns... :(   )

Create a tar file of them, delete them by hand, and see what happens.  If 
your system still works OK, you can leave them out.  If not, look at the 
configurations you have to see if any are looking directly for those files by 
using a full path rather than relying on the systems library path to find 
them.  You can either change the config files, or just make a symbolic link 
to the newer libs.  Just when you start messing around, don't forget to make 
a backup of working files, just in case.