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Re: newbie problem

tor, 2002-08-01 kl. 17:53 skrev Keith Fernandez:

> --------------------------------
> dn: cn=Keith Fernandez,o=Western Outdoor Interactive,c=IN
> objectClass: inetOrgPerson
> cn: Keith Fernandez
> sn: Fernandez
> telephoneNumber: 91-22-8933177
> mail: keith@w-o-i.com
> localityName: Mumbai
> -----------------------------------
> I it got modified successfully

> Thanks once again. Do you know what this error means. It had something to do
> with the ObjectClass : organization ?

Basically, when you create a directory, you create a tree. The tree goes
from the roots (in your case the root is your country, India - c=IN)
through a trunk (in your case o=Western Outdoor) to a leaf (in your case
cn=Keith Fernandez).

For others this could be different - f.ex. the root could be an Internet
domain component (dc=com), with a trunk domain component (dc=w-o-i).
Then you'd be a leaf (cn=keith), stuck directly onto the trunk, without
a branch :-) Moreover, there can be more multiple branches such as o, ou
etc., etc. Novell has different "words" for these things in NDS, but
basically it's all the same.

What you tried to do originally, was to try and stick the leaf (cn=Keith
Fernandez,o=Western Outdoor Interactive,c=IN) onto thin air. Which is
not possible.



Tony Earnshaw

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