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Re: Back-links?? I think that is what they are called.

>I have been reading and playing around for sometime with LDAP, and I think
>I have a good handle on the basics now.  But I have kinda got stuck with a
>groups issue.  
>I am using LDAP for Authenacations.  We are also attempting to get a very
>fine gain control of who is able to log in and to what hosts.  This is a
>fairly large enviroment 200 - 500 Misc UNIX servers.  I tryed to use the
>ACL logic of:
> In pam_ldaps pam_filter. This of course does not work.  

Niether OpenLDAP NOR pam ldap (AFAIK) support this.  But something very similai
can be accomplished with pam_ldap + pam_listfile