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Re: my searchs doesn't use indexes

> You've probably already done this, but may as well check the obvious. =)
> Did you add the "tac" index after you put the data in on that machine?  If
> so, did you regenerate the index file afterwards?
> Regenerating the index file might be a good thing to try regardless (stop
> ldap, slapdindex, start ldap).

The "tac" index was in config file when there was no data, so the index "exists".
I have already try slapindex, with the same result... Also, before slapindex,
there was one tac (that did exist in database but an ldapsearch using the filter
tac=35045610 didn't return any result, but with filter tac=35045610* did return
the correct entry. This happened even after manually deleting and reinserting the
entry. After slapindex, this problem was corrected.

> Do your two databases have the same data?  How do the sizes of the gdbm
> files compare?

They are not the same. The test database have "only" about 1000000 entries , and I
can't import all the data as the total size of gdbm files is 4,5 GB

Thanks for the help anyway