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RE: my searchs doesn't use indexes

Good day,

You've probably already done this, but may as well check the obvious. =)
Did you add the "tac" index after you put the data in on that machine?  If
so, did you regenerate the index file afterwards?

Regenerating the index file might be a good thing to try regardless (stop
ldap, slapdindex, start ldap).

Do your two databases have the same data?  How do the sizes of the gdbm
files compare?

> Hello,
> I have OpenLdap 2.0.23 installed using GDBM 1.8.0 in a 
> Solaris 8 machine (sparc).
> I have installed 6000000 entries under ou=subscriber, with 
> attributes "msisdn" and
> "tac"; and 4647 entries under ou=devices, with lots of 
> attributes one of which is
> "tac". Basically, I have a msisdn, make a search in 
> ou=subscriber to obtain the
> tac, and make a search in ou=devices with tac=.... as a filter.
> the indexes are: msisdn,tac pres,eq
> The problem is, the first search in subscriber is immediate, 
> but the second search
> under devices is worth about a minute the first time.
> I have made a test with debug at 805, starting slapd, and run 
> the command:
> ldapsearch -b "ou=devices" tac=35067323
> and in the log I can see it opens tac.gdbm and obtain 4648 
> candidates, so it
> doesn't use the index to obtain only one candidate, and 
> begins searching one by
> one. The next search under this branch is almost immediate 
> because all the entries
> are in cache.
> Anyone have a suggestion? I cannot use it in a production 
> environment with this
> problem. Could it be a bug in GDBM? I have a test machine 
> with the same
> configuration, and it works correctly.
> Thanks in advance,
> Isaac

Darren Gamble
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