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Hi all,

I have installed qmail under LDAP. The system works fine but I cannot 
compile qmail with ldap patch and auth patch. 

Well, I think two things:

The first, I follow with my qmail ldap system in my first email server. 
This machine only can get po3p and imap mailbox and gets email with 
smtp client and I think I implement other smtp system with AUTH option 
in other machine and in this case, I have a big problem. I need to use 
a smtp system to authenticate but address and pass, not user and pass. 
And I have a ldap database and I want to use this database with this 
smtp system AUTH. Do you recommend any smtp auth under ldap? Can you 
tell me where I can get more information? 

The second, do you know if possible implementate this option in my 
qmail ldap? and if possible uses the ldap database to authenticate this 

Thx very much