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password modify extended operation crashes slave-slapd-server


i've setup a master-ldap-server with user-accounts in it. Accesses through
nss- and pam-modules are working great. Changing a password via pam_ldap and
the "password modify extended operation" works, if pam_ldap contacts the
master server directly. There is a slave server, which is updated by slurpd,
and for "normal" change operations, a client can contact the slave server,
gets the updateref from the slave-server and tells his updates to the master
server, so anything is fine.

BUT: If the pam_ldap module tries to perform its "password modify extended
operation" at the slave-server something goes wrong: The slave-ldap-server
crashes, and there is no connection to the master.

The last log entries of the dying slave-server are:

Jul  9 21:43:15 bond slapd[11398]: send_ldap_extended 10: (0) 
Jul  9 21:43:15 bond slapd[11398]: send_ldap_response: msgid=6 tag=120 err=10 
Jul  9 21:43:15 bond passwd[11531]: pam_ldap: ldap_extended_operation_s Can't 
contact LDAP server

The master server isn't contacted at all, so there are no log entries at this

Any ideas or hints?

Thank you very much,

  Lars Oergel

PS: Both servers are running with openldap-2.0.12.