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Re: windows authentication & openldap: explanation.

>This thread is riight up the alley of my most recent headache. ;-)
>First off let me warn you guys that I am a student and that I am working
>on a accedemic project. Consequently, purchased solutions are out.
>In order to authenticate a Windows based client I am trying to use the
>pGINA module with the LDAP plugin.
>I've not be able to figure out the configureattion despite haveing a
>Unix ldap.conf that works to use as a base.
>I can email this to anyone who wants to help.

How about asking on the pGina lists?  This doesn't have anything to do
with OpenLDAP

>Alternatively, if there is an easier (cheap) way to authenticate a
>Windows based client , I am all ears.

Samba costs the same,  and is more "native" IMHO,  but I don't know if it
is "easier"