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RE: Newbie question / defining directory values

tir, 2002-07-30 kl. 17:49 skrev Chad Day:

> I'm reading, I'm just having a hard time grasping LDAP. :(
> I think I understand schemas now, I just don't know how to tell which values
> of the schema I want to use.. the LDAP tutorials I've googled up so far
> either don't address this or are vague enough that I don't get it.

a: All answers to the mailing list, not to me or to other addresses.
Why? Because *many* get to help you,not just one;

b: I would say that Google wasn't the right place to start, unless you
end up at www.openldap.org, which is where you download the admin guide,
which you can't really do without.

c: Here's a really good second:

d: Yes, it's a sod. You really have to want to. I went years without
really wanting to, just lurking. At the moment I thought: "Now I want
to," everything became possible. I suppose that's a synonym for "Unix".

e: There are many files that you have to learn about besides slapd.conf,
many concepts, many hurdles. Forget about schemas for the time being!
All you need to begin with, openldap.org has done for you. Start
thinking about your database, directory. Keywords: ldif, acl.

f: Post what you've done to date. And what hasn't worked. Nobody here's
a mind reader, nor should you expect them to be.




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