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Re: About starting of slapd

The -h flag of slapd will take a list of  ldap_urls, this feature is VERY HANDY when user wants to open 2 (even more) listening ports for ONE SINGLE slapd instance.
Assuming you have a transactional ldbm backend und want to let the slapd instance binding 2 ports ( one standard ldap port 389 and another ssl-encrypted port 636 ), so you can specify, for instance, that write permission should be granted to the loopback interface of localhost on port 389; on the other hand, the machine's ethernet network interface, say your LAN interface to outside should only listen for ldap connections on port 636 for ssl encrypted traffic.
>  -h  "ldap://localhost:389/  ldaps://"
Actually -h also takes ipc socketurls like this :  >  -h "ldapi://host:port/  ... <list of  ldap urls>", very flexible.
Hope that answers your question, please consult the OpenLDAP Admin guide and man pages for details.


Hiroaki Minamida wrote:

Hello All,

 I have a question about starting of slapd.
 It seems that establishment of two or more ports is possible to LDAP when
starting slapd using the -h option. For what case is this used concretely ?
Moreover, what merit is there by using this ?

 Example) slapd -h "ldap://host1:389 ldap://host2:999"

 If someone are known, please let me know.



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