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Slapd stops writing replogs

I've had this problem on OpenLDAP 1.2.13, just completed my upgrade to
2.1.3 and the problem persists...

Solaris 7, GCC 2.95.2.  If I have a load (but not a big load) on my
master, after a day (or even a few hours), replication stops.  Slapd
appears to not write any more logs into the replication log.  Logs (still
analyzing) indicate it cannot open the lock file.

It appears that the code for replication (in repl.c) has not changed much,
particularly seeing the uses of fopen/fclose.  I wonder if I am somehow
hitting the Solaris limits on number of open streams (which is
significantly less than # of open file descriptors, in my case 1024).  I
figure there shouldn't be 20 open streams at once, wonder if there's a

Anyone else seen these sorts of problems, esp. on Solaris?  Thanks in

Alan Sparks, UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator      <asparks@doublesparks.net>