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Re: What exactly does "backend" mean?

Sorry, this response is overdue. :)

David Wright wrote:

OK, so I've configured an OpenLDAP server and 3 clients. I've seen references to using different "backbends". This would seem to imply that one could first install an LDAP server and use, for example, MySQL as a backend
then, fire up MySQL and do SQL based searches on the database. If this is correct, it would be most useful.

That would be a "frontend". Backends are the places that OpenLDAP can store data. These include embeded databases (the standard ldbm) and relational databases (i.e. SQL-driven databases). But whatever the backend, the data is accessed via LDAP. That's why you deployed an LDAP server, yes?

Correct, however this does not indicate that the system in question does not have needs outside of LDAP. :)
If the front end of MySQL cannot access an LDAP directory with a MySQL backend (albeit without actually going through LDAP) what good is using a MySQL backend? Doesn't that seem counter-intuitive?