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Re: Insufficient access error when adding entries

fre, 2002-07-26 kl. 00:01 skrev Victor Mendez:

> cuzco:/home/backup/ldap # ldapadd -v  -f netsys.ldif -W -x

> adding new entry "dc=netsystemsinfo,dc=com"

> ldap_add: Insufficient access
> ldif_record() = 50

In this particular, single case (there are more "horribles" not detailed
here to taunt you later, but that's all part of the fun).

In your slapd.conf you've told the thing to allow Manager with an
impossible password to write (o,k., you let someother person write too,
but the thing doesn't know who that is yet), then you try and write
without letting it know who you are. It asks you a password, but no
name. So again it doesn't know who you are.

You don't say what version of Openldap it is, but I should do 'man
slapadd' if I were you.




Tony Earnshaw

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