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Re: Application Error in slapd.exe on W2000

Do you have a debug build you can use? Can you reproduce the error on a machine with a debugger? You may need to run the debug build in MSVC to get a stacktrace.

OpenLDAP no longer supports Cyrus 1.x builds, IIRC. Please correct me if I'm work someone. OpenLDAP configure complains about all but recent versions of SASL and some intermittant crashes I came across were attributed to the SASL library, even if I only used '-x'. If you don't need the SASL, try building without it.

I have a similar config as you that seems to work ok.
berkeley 4.0.14, OpenSSL 0.9.6d, back-perl with active state perl 5.6.1.
Those binaries are here.
See if those crash as well. You need activestate perl binaries to run these though, as they are linked against perl56.dll ( I need back-perl )


Geert Van Muylem wrote:

I've build OpenLDAP 2.1.3 on a W2K system based on
- Berkeley DB 4.0.14
- Cyrus SASL 1.5.24
- OpenSSL 0.9.6d (TLS enabled)
- HS regex-lib

I've tried to import a big ldif file:
(ldapmodify -x -a -D "cn=Manager, c=BE" -w "password" -f x500-names.ldif)

This gives me "sometimes" an application error in slapd.exe and "sometimes"
this works!!

After a successfull import, I'm having the same error when performing the
next search:
ldapsearch -x -b "c=US" -D "cn=Manager,c=be" -w "password"

Leaving out the filter gives me back all entries
ldapsearch -x -b "c=US" -D "cn=Manager,c=be" -w "password"

Here's my slapd.conf

Can someone please help me with this one? Thanks in advance!