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Re: LDAP mail routing

Tony Earnshaw writes:

fre, 2002-07-19 kl. 14:23 skrev dinesh.parbate:

dn: uid=rahul,dc=nemesis,dc=atg
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: inetLocalMailRecipient
cn: rahul sn: raje
uid: rahul
mailLocalAddress: rahul@nemesis.atg
mailRoutingAddress: dinesh@nemesis.atg
mailHost: nemesis.atg
mail: rahul@nemesis.atg

Dunno. I *hate* Sendmail, use Exim 4.

But you're missing 'objectClass: top' as well (I'm working from the last
message in the list upwards).

This is not necessary; it's implicit because it's inherited
by all the subsequent objectClasses; note that "inetOrgPerson"
implies "person" and "organizationalPerson" as well).

(Thinks: "Maybe they all set 'schemacheck off' in slapd.conf. It should not be accepted by slapadd"). There seems to be soething wrong with Red Hat's stuff, glad I compile my own.

I often use RedHat packages out of the box in production environment
and everything works fine ...

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