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Re: Linux authentication/authorization against OpenLDAP

lør, 2002-07-20 kl. 19:48 skrev David LaPorte:
> For
> instance, I'd like to assign our administrators to several groups
> ("security", "admins", "network", etc) and grant access to some machines
> only to certain groups.

I don't know about granting acess to machines yet, but I've been able to
grant access to certain members of groups to manage accounts within that
group (or others) and nowhere else. Tested it with Evolution and that
works fine. Granting access to machines would only be an extension of
this, but I only have one machine to test it on :-)

If that's what you mean, and no-one else reacts (which I'm sure they
will), I'll go further. However, I folled Adam William's example ...



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