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Last step! one last error though

I am following an qmail-ldap how to and am on the final test of it.
When I run:

/var/qmail/bin/qmail-ldaplookup -u userlogin  

I get:

init_ldap:      passwords are not compared via rebind
                localdelivery:   on
                clustering:      off
                homedirmaker:    /var/qmail/bin/custom_dirmaker
                defaultDotMode:  ldaponly
                defaultQuota:    /var/qmail/maildirs
You are about to be over your quota.  Clean your mailbox.

qldap_open:     NOT successful: binding to ldap server failed

I have checked the control/ldap* files and all looks fine.  Seems that 
something else is wrong.  

Any ideas?


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