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Re: ldapmodify - deletion of related attributes

lør, 2002-07-20 kl. 09:42 skrev Gerard Patel:

> dn: cn=grptest,cn=testOU, dc=example, dc=com
> delete: objectClass, uniqueMember
> objectClass:groupOfUniqueNames
> uniqueMember: uid=test,cn=testOU, dc=example, dc=com
> get me the following result :
> ldap_modify: Undefined attribute type
>  additional info: objectClass, uniqueMember: attribute description
>  contains inappropriate characters

I wouldn't know the exact cause - but ldap v3 at least, which you are
using, says that you cannot have spaces in attribute entries without
escaping them (source Adam Williams's ldapv3.pdf).

So, do it all again, this time without spaces.

The fact that some clients wil and some won't presumably depends on how
"intelligent" (or rather luddite) they are.




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