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Re: ldapv2/v3 and communicator 4.5

tor, 2002-07-18 kl. 14:12 skrev Michele Callegari:

> - is my supposition of protocol switching for the Communicator 4.7
> reasonable?

Welcome! It didn't work for me until I allowed v2 on 2.1.2. Nor did
Evolution any more. On the other hand, Mozilla 1.0 works with v3 -
though Mozilla's not much use for ldap, compared to netscape 4.7+.
Netscape 6+ doesn't work at all, yet.

> - Can Openldap work at the same time in ldapv2 and ldapv3? How?
> - If not .. Can it work in ldapv2 only? How?

Yes. put 'allow bind_v2' in slapd.conf. Then you'll get both. The v3 can
do much more than v2, though, so it's best not to combine them.




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