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ldapv2/v3 and communicator 4.5

Hello there,

My name is Michele Callegari and I'm new to this
mailing list... Hello to everybody!
I installed version 2.1.2  on a Solaris 8 box.
I have problems with netscape communicator 4.5 clients.
In debug mode:
do_bind: version=2 dn="" method=128
send_ldap_result: err=2 matched="" text="requested protocol
version not  allowed"send_ldap_response: msgid=1 tag=97 err=2
connection closed
I have the same starting error with Communicator 4.7 but it looks like
it then switches to ldapv3 and everything goes fine.
I'm pretty new to LDAP/Openldap so I need help about:
- is my supposition of protocol switching for the Communicator 4.7
- Can Openldap work at the same time in ldapv2 and ldapv3? How?
- If not .. Can it work in ldapv2 only? How?

Any help is really appreciated