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Re: Slurpd Reconnect

tor, 2002-07-18 kl. 00:50 skrev David Fusari:

> I am going to be setting up LDAP replication but it is not clear to me what
> slurpd will do under the following conditions based on using DNS names for
> the replicas:

> 1.  Does slurpd hold open a connection to the replica so it is not
> constantly attempting to resolve the DNS name and open the connection (want
> to avoid a lot of DNS chatter).

Don't know about slurpd replication at all yet, have still to learn that
part of openldap.

However, regarding DNS, you won't get a lot of "chatter" if you run a
caching DNS server on the machine running slurpd. It will cost you
virtually no performance loss whatsoever. Putting an entry in /etc/hosts
might work instead, as long as the resolver has been told to look up
hosts before dns.

> 2.  If the IP address changes for the corresponding DNS entry will slurpd
> automatically handle this once the replicas ip address has been changed, the
> DNS entry has been changed, and slapd on the replica has been restarted, or
> do I need to restart slurpd on the replica.

Either kill and restart the caching nameserver, or change the entry in
/etc/hosts. In the latter case, the effect will be immediate, since it's
the resolver which looks this up, not slurpd. Do 'ldd
/usr/local/libexec/slurpd' (if that's where it is) to confirm this, look
for "libresolv".




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