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Re: Fw: Help - Cannot install OpenLDAP - 'make test' failed.

"Yijun Wang" <nickwang@bu.edu> writes:

> I just use the default configuration. And it shouldn't use tcp wrappers.
> There is only one line in file tests/test-db/master.log:
> ../servers/slapd/slapd: error while loading shared libraries: libdb-4.0.so:
> cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

It's not finding libdb-4.0.so. If you know where this file is, add
it's directory to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH before running make test or add
the library to /etc/ld.so.conf.


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.0/lib
make test

env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/BerkeleyDB4.0/lib
make test

cat >> /etc/ld.so.conf
make test