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Re: Backend integration of a CORBA application

On Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2002 12:08, Calzuola Giovanni wrote:
> I need to interface an application which acts as an LDAP client with a
> server application which exports a CORBA interface.
> I cannot modify such applications. So, what i need is an adapter which
> catches LDAP requests and translates appropriately such requests into CORBA
> method invocations, and then gives back the response.
> At present i have mainly two ideas:
> 1) installing OpenLDAP and configuring a shell backend, and writing a shell
> client for interfacing the CORBA layer, and joining them together.
> 2) writing a custom back-end
> the system must answer to a request of this kind:
> ./ldapsearch -h radiuswap -p 389 -Ddn=root -wsecret -b clid_ip
> temp_ip=
> and give an answer of this type:
> temp_ip=
> msisdn=14253981
> cell_id=0000100001
> event_date_time=060900083339
> according to your experience, which is the better way to the problem?


we wrote a custom backend for a major ISP, that serves a similar purpose (the 
server Applicaion is not CORBA but some kind of RADIUS here, but otherwise 
it's quite similar). You'll only have to implement the init, open, config, 
close, destroy and search functions, add a few lines in configure.in and 
servers/slapd/backend.c (to provide a switch to enable your backend) and 
write the backend itself. We mostly used back-dns and back-ldap as sample 
code for the rather undocumented backend-api (they are simpler than the 
back-bdb and back-ldbm interfaces and also provide some sort of gateway 

A collegue of mine used the shell backend for a project (with OpenLDAP 1.2) 
but it showed out to be rather slow.

> I've configured and ran OpenLDAP with a shell backend and tried the
> example, but i'm finding it hard to configure it and the script in such a
> way to produce a result which has the correct pattern.

Stephan Siano

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