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Backend integration of a CORBA application

I need to interface an application which acts as an LDAP client with a
server application which exports a CORBA interface.
I cannot modify such applications. So, what i need is an adapter which
catches LDAP requests and translates appropriately such requests into CORBA
method invocations, and then gives back the response.
At present i have mainly two ideas:
1) installing OpenLDAP and configuring a shell backend, and writing a shell
client for interfacing the CORBA layer, and joining them together.
2) writing a custom back-end

the system must answer to a request of this kind:

./ldapsearch -h radiuswap -p 389 -Ddn=root -wsecret -b clid_ip

and give an answer of this type:,CLID_IP

according to your experience, which is the better way to the problem?

I've configured and ran OpenLDAP with a shell backend and tried the example,
but i'm finding it hard to configure it and the script in such a way to
produce a result which has the correct pattern.

Thanks in advance

Giovanni Calzuola