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Re: Open LDAP on CygWin fails at DB

Oops.  Let me clarify and add a couple things:

>I have been trying to run the configure script on Cygwin.
>Cygwin includes BerkeleyDB 2.7.7
>Configure won't finish saying the BerkeleyDB is incompatible.
>The documentation says Berkeley DB 4.x is better, so I downloaded 
>configure / make / install.
>I then use the env flasgs to tell the OpenLDAP to point towared the 
>DB 4.x
>I run OpenLDAP configure again and I get that it cannot find any 
>Berkeley DB
>(and I set the correct paths to the new Berkeley DB locations).  Then
>configure complained that it couldn't find Berkeley DB.
>I download and install GBDM, and run configure with the force to use 
>COnfigure STILL fails saying that Configure is incompatible,

This should be Configure STILL fails saying that BerkeleDB is incompatible.

>Am I missing something small?

I have also tried to run configure with disable ldbm...  Same results.


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