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Open LDAP on CygWin fails at DB

I have been trying to run the configure script on Cygwin.

Cygwin includes BerkeleyDB 2.7.7

Configure won't finish saying the BerkeleyDB is incompatible.

The documentation says Berkeley DB 4.x is better, so I downloaded that,
configure / make / install.

I then use the env flasgs to tell the OpenLDAP to point towared the Berkeley
DB 4.x

I run OpenLDAP configure again and I get that it cannot find any Berkeley DB
(and I set the correct paths to the new Berkeley DB locations).  Then
configure complained that it couldn't find Berkeley DB.

I download and install GBDM, and run configure with the force to use GBDM.

COnfigure STILL fails saying that Configure is incompatible,

Am I missing something small?

John Reinhold
(503)378-2101 x305
Systems Analyst
NEDSS Project
State Of Oregon