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Re: odd pam_ldap configuration issues

ons, 2002-07-17 kl. 15:45 skrev Stefan Froehlich:

> [...]
> > auth       sufficient pam_ldap.so
> > auth       required   pam_unix.so nullok use_first_pass
> [...]

> Thanks for this. I forgot to point out, however, that this problem
> is definitely not related to pam configuration. When I tail -f the
> ldap logfile I can see two times the ldap database is accessed: once for
> each login attempt (the first time just a connection, and the second
> time the expected queries). Besides, I completely turned off unix
> authentification in pam for testing purposes (just to avoid such
> caveats).

W e l l ,  all I can say is, that I had your problem, I adopted the
above and my problem went away. Don't forget that you didn't quote the
whole config file above, so no-one knows what yours looks like.

Though I *am* running Red Hat and I *am* running self-compiled 2.1.3
(which seems to be much stricter and more consequent than 2.1.2, *and*
gives more detailed logging) and self-compiled Padl stuff and Berkeley 4
BDB - nothing strange about that, but it's just that it's not what Red
Hat deals out (thank God, because then I'd have dropped miles behind). I
do have the Red Hat PAM 0.75-14 though, which I can't get rid of for the
time being, because of shitty rpms which are dependant on it.




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