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Re: pam_ldap.conf & libnss_ldap.conf configuration.

ons, 2002-07-17 kl. 16:32 skrev Dino Ming:

> But its look like your presentation only describe the meaning of
> binddn,bindpw and rootbinddn..... Or I've over looked some of them ?

Errrm ... all the above are included in /etc/ldap.conf and more or less
fully annotated. And though I have to use /etc/ldap.conf, I don't have
to use the myriad other files you quote.

Moreover, if you do what Adam says (it's not *his* invention, for
goodness sake) then everything works. Quite beautifully and awe
inspiringly, in fact. Utter magic.

At least, it does for me :-)




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