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RE: LDAP Replication:

I am wondering how to setup ldap.conf (etc/openldap/ldap.conf ?) to isntruct failover, 
also i didnt understand what you mean by client.

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	Today at 12:46pm, Venkataraman, Jeeva wrote:
	> Precisely. I managed to start slurpd sucessfully with out any
	> complaints and te process running. But I dont see logs at the place
	> where my 'replogfile' directive is pointing. Is there any other way to
	> test this?
	- Did the 'replogfile' exist before slapd was started?
	- Does the userid slapd is running as have write access to the file?
	- Is the information that you have changed on the master properly
	    entered into the slave server?
	- Has slurpd created a .rej file?
	> I have a web server as a clinet to the LDAP server, which reports me
	> that its not able to access the master ldap server, if i kill the
	> master slapd. I assumed slurpd would have redirected the request from
	> the client to the slave slapd.
	slurpd has absolutely nothing to do with client failover to a second
	server.  That is controlled by the ldap.conf file on the client machine.
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