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RE: LDAP Replication:

Thanks for ur intrest Frank.
1. I assume the replogfile directive only says directory name, correct me if i am wrong. For instance specified like this:
replogfile /usr/local/var/replog
assuming log files would get created under replog/
Should it be a file instead of the parent directory?
2. the slapd user is the same as the the directory owner (who is the super user)
3. Yes, The slave server is also configured right.
4. I dont see any files on replog directory, is that folder to look for .rej file
    But I see a replog.lock file in the /usr/local/var/ directory
5. I observed that slurpd was running with abt 50% memory usage.
Any clues or questions,

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	Today at 12:46pm, Venkataraman, Jeeva wrote:
	> Precisely. I managed to start slurpd sucessfully with out any
	> complaints and te process running. But I dont see logs at the place
	> where my 'replogfile' directive is pointing. Is there any other way to
	> test this?
	- Did the 'replogfile' exist before slapd was started?
	- Does the userid slapd is running as have write access to the file?
	- Is the information that you have changed on the master properly
	    entered into the slave server?
	- Has slurpd created a .rej file?
	> I have a web server as a clinet to the LDAP server, which reports me
	> that its not able to access the master ldap server, if i kill the
	> master slapd. I assumed slurpd would have redirected the request from
	> the client to the slave slapd.
	slurpd has absolutely nothing to do with client failover to a second
	server.  That is controlled by the ldap.conf file on the client machine.
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