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Re: pam ldap help - answer

man, 2002-07-15 kl. 15:09 skrev Paul Goracke:

> That's as complex as I've gotten w/ our intranet, and it works like a 
> champ.

Adam, Paul, thanks for your answers.

Actually, I'd already got as far as Geoff's suggestion. I don't trust
things like autoconfig, apart for completely standard OSs and utilities
- and mine's far from being that.

I'd already compiled and installed 2.1.3, Sleeptcat BDB 4 and the Padl
ldap/nss libs, and it was a question of learning PAM and nsswitch from
the ground up.

The whole thing works perfectly, the users who are already entered into
the system passwd, group and shadow files don't need to be removed (they
may be duplicated in ldap), since the nsswitch search order takes care
of that.

All that I now need to get working are /etc/pam.d/gdm, su and sshd.
Especially gdm, if you have an example of that one, I'd love to see it.




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