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Re: eudora + login

tir, 2002-07-16 kl. 05:03 skrev Dan Lowe:

> What I find rather frustrating is the general lack of client support for
> logging into a directory server.  I have my server set up so that you need
> to log in to see anything at all (except the admin user).  However, this
> means I can only log in using Outlook and Outlook Express.  A rather
> limited range of clients.

Not what you want to read, of course, but nevertheless true: Linux/Gnome
users (me) have Evolution which would supports what you want to do
almost perfectly. The only thing missing at the moment is ldap address
list management, but that is supposed to be going to get fixed soon.

Also, the GPL/LGPL OpenOffice.org crowd is busy with a groupware project
which is supposed to be going to do this sort of thing (MS Exchange
substitute) on a multi platform basis, but how far off that is I
wouldn't know.





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