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RE: Converting from Netscape Iplanet to OpenLDAP question

We are currently in the process of converting from Netscape iPlanet to

All depends how you are doing your conversion, i.e. do you still need
replication ( if have any ) between any iPlanet and openldap servers ?
Are you going to be using any iplanet apps that need ldap access e.g. ns

If no to everything then it should be fairly simple to do, just dump the
ldif file and get openldap to import the file, after you have setup your
slapd.conf .

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Subject: Converting from Netscape Iplanet to OpenLDAP question

Has anyone ever converted from a Netscape Iplanet LDAP server to OpenLDAP?

I would like to do this and would love to get some input on how the best way
to do this.  Is there anyway to dump the data from Netscape IPlanet and
it into OpenLDAP?

Thanks all.


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