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RE: back-perl docs?

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> Good to see that 2.1.3 has the back-perl fix :)
> Is there any documentation/examples on using back-perl?
> There's no mention of backend modules in the manual, and
> only a simple example in the source code.

Check the manual again, specifically man5/slapd-perl.5. If you can't
get the simple example working there's not much point in writing a
more complex one, is there...

> Also what's the difference between the configure parameters
> "--enable-perl" and "--with-perl-module" ?

Backends are statically linked by default. The "--with-XXX-module" flag
can be used to select dynamic linking for a particular backend. It will
then be built as a shared library that can be explicitly loaded at runtime
using the "moduleload" directive in slapd.conf.

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