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How can I get OpenLDAP to hash passwords as crypt?


I am trying to have OpenLDAP hash passwords using the crypt(3) format
before storing in the userpassword attribute, but with no luck.  How is
this done?

I am using 2.1.2 and I have the "password-hash {CRYPT}" in my config file.
 My ldapadds use the cleartext passwords, eg. "userpassword: secret", but
I'm guessing OpenLDAP will hash those before storing them?  If not, how do
I do this?

I saw the config option "password-hash-salt", but I didn't understand the
explanation given.  When would I need to set this?  My OpenLDAP server is
running on a linux box, but the client are solaris 8/9 machines, so I'm
thinking the salt might be a factor?
Has anyone successfully done this?