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Re: [fwd: My id2entry.gdbm is growing at a rate of 10 meg per day ]

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 03:42:03PM -0500, Chris Garrigues wrote:
> I'm running openldap 2.0.23 on linux and have discovered that my id2entry.gdbm 
> is growing at a tremendous rate.

Remember that gdbm files can have holes in them, so the *length* of
the file may not be equal to its *size*. To find out how much disk
space is actually used, try 'ls -ls' and look at the first column.

Of course, if you copy a file with holes using non-hole-aware programs
like 'cp' the holes will get filled with zeros and the file will
indeed be very big. Some backup software can cope with this and some
is less clever. For example, Gnu tar has options to handle holey files
and the BSD-derived 'dump' has special knowledge of the filesystem so
it can cope too.

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