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Re: Setup help for directory_administrator

søn, 2002-07-07 kl. 23:09 skrev Stephen Torri:

> Does anyone use directory_administrator to maintain their LDAP server? I
> am having trouble setting up the program to contact the LDAP server. Its
> asking for base DN. My domain is torri.linux. So I entered
> "dn=torri,dn=linux" and it did not work. What is my base DN? How do I
> determine it?

Dunno what your slapd.conf looks like, but you should have a section
where rootdn and rootpw are detailed. Normally rootdn is Manager and
rootpw is secret.

A dn (distinguished name) may (need not always be) composed of domain
components, dc.

So, make your dn : 'dn=Manager,dc=torri,dc=linux'. Use the rootpw

Mind you, the above is *shit*, it has no connection with reality, and it
should only be used for trying out whether things work or not. It can
not be used in practice.

Read the Administrator's Guide that came with the package and search on
the web.




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