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Re: anonymous bind with non-empty DN

søn, 2002-07-07 kl. 20:31 skrev Bruno Solo:

> I want to allow bind_v2 to accept ldap v2 clients. So I put
> allow bind_v2
> in the slapd.conf.

> In this way, any connexion anonymous with DN not empty will be accepted
> - like allow bind_anon_dn although this directive is not
> present in the slapd.conf.

Dunno whether it's normal or not, but you've just solved one of the
greatest problems I had, without me knowing that this solution was

Hereby I withdraw my posting of Friday last and my Bug report to Ximian
Evolution and regret bitterly the time I spent on trying to solve the
'orrible Evolution problem.

O.k., I know that Kurt D. Zeilenga said that this shouldn't be done, but

Bruno, je te salut; je te baisse, tu est mon ami mieux du coeur pour
tous l'éternité.





Tony Earnshaw

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