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Any Ximian Evolution users?

Hi list!

New poster, newish (couple of weeks) ldap user.

Red Hat 7.2, kernel 2.1.14, whlole system vastly updated since the 7.2
install. gcc 3.0.4.

Openldap 2.1.2 self compiled (because the Red Hat 2.0.2 rpms were
useless for me, if I was to follow the Openldap Admin Guide. None of the
clients worked. They all do with the self compiled stuff).

gdbm database, GQ 0.6 Beta2. Absolutely top.

All the above work perfectly :c) if one can be bothered to read the
guide through, mark it and learn it. And read other stuff on the web,
and practice. No problem. GQ helps enormously too, in learning the
directory structure(s). Many thanks to the dev and doc people behind the
project. Personally, I find it beautifully and very professionally put
together. Do you know, there was not one single warning during the whole
compile nor test? Very unusual.

Problem: I can't authenticate to Ximian Evolution 1.0.5 / 1.0.8. I know
all about the slapd debug options and compare Evolution and GQ where the
server sends back the same answer to an auth request, i.e. cleatext
password (at the moment, I'm learning) for the client to compare. GQ
accepts it, Evolution dies. Whatever I do, however I authenticate. It
works without authentication, but the I can't write to the ldap server,
which is not what I want. And not what Ximian originally intended.

Does anyone have an answer for this? No one iin the Ximian Evo archives
seems to have noticed this. It seems that there's a protocol problem. As
a comparison, both Netscape 4.9 and Mozilla worked with the Red Hat
2.0.2 stuff, now Netscape doesn't work any more, but Mozilla stays
working. Evo authorisation never worked.

Anyway, many thanks and best,

Tony and the 6 house cats (furry sort)


Tony Earnshaw

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