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RE: AIX authentification

Title: RE: AIX authentification

this is the linux pam ported to aix 4.x...  it didnt work to well for me..
the aix auth that they provide is easier to use to create modules, but only aix uses it, so dev efforts would branch off from the pam os's (linux, freebsd, solaris...)...  this also applies to tru64 which uses SIA...

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Luke Howard wrote:

> Except that AIX doesn't support PAM (before 5L) or NSS at all. :-)

Just found that:

Though I don't know how well that works, or if at all. But i remember
someone running PAM_LDAP on AIX 4.x.x. So there should be a way to
this. Not that I'd try to disagree with _you_ if you insist there
isn't. :o)

> I've tried (in vi) "g/[a-z]\n[a-z]/s//_/"...but that doesn't cut it.
> Any ideas? (I take it that it may be a two-pass sort of solution).
In the first pass, install perl. :-)
          -- Larry Wall